What are they and why are they important in my novel I Am Sheffrou? First, let’s look at the wormhole theory.

Wormholes explained – Breaking spacetime

If you saw a wormhole in reality, it would appear round, spherical, a bit like a black hole. Light from the other side passes through and gives you a window to a faraway place. Once crossed, the other side comes fully into view with your old home now receding into that shimmering spherical window.

But are wormholes real, or are they just magic disguised as physics and math? If they are real, how do they work and where can we find them?

I they are real, how do they work and where can we kind them?

For most of human history, we thought space was pretty simple, a big flat stage where the events of the universe unfold. Even if you take down the set of planets and stars, there’s still something left. That empty stage is space and it exists unchanging and eternal.

Einstein’s theory of relativity changed that. It says that space and time make up that stage together, and they aren’t the same everywhere. The thing on the stage can affect the stage itself, stretching and warping it. If the old stage was like unmoving hardwood, Einstein’s stage is more like a waterbed.

Our universe is like a big flat sheet, bent in just the right way, wormholes could connect two very, very distant spots with a short bridge that you could cross almost instantaneously. Enabling you to travel the universe even faster than the speed of light.

So where can we find a wormhole?

Presently, only on paper! General relativity says they might be possible, but that doesn’t mean they have to exist. General relativity is a mathematical theory. It’s a set of equations that have many possible answers, but not all math describes reality. But they are theoretically possible and there are different kinds. Text from Academic Guide. For more info please refer to Academic Guide Wormholes explained.

Isn’t this fascinating! Wormholes may exist! 

At least the late great physicist Stephen Hawking thought so. So this means you can connect two points in space-time or, if you will, two different universes by traveling through a wormhole! This is a very important theory because that’s how Tamara, in I Am Sheffrou travels to a different world.


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