Betrayal, The Color of Treason Book 2 of The Sheffrou Trilogy

Pic by Jozef Klopacka

An Earth woman and an alien male may be the only hope for a dying race.

Simultaneous attacks by the enemy leave one Sheffrou dead, two others kidnapped, and one Sheffrou fighting for his life. A plague is killing all the very young Chamis. When Maashi, a powerful alien male, a Sheffrou, the Chamis’ best hope for survival, disappears, Tamara Walsh, an Earth woman, Maashi’s friend and lover, is convinced a traitor is at work. Can she save the Sheffrou before it’s too late? Can Maashi save his last offspring?

Don’t miss this edge of your seat scifi fantasy thriller in Book 2 of The Sheffrou Trilogy.

Available Fall 2021.