Why are reviews so important? Tips and Tricks for Authors

Hello my friends. A reminder for all the readers out there.

Words Matter

Why reviews matter to readers and authors.

More than one thousand books are published every week. With so many choices, readers search on the internet for books to read in the genre they like. They read reviews to get a glimpse at the story and how people feel about the characters. Reviews help the reader see how many people have read a book and help them to decide whether to purchase it or not.
It’s the same with movies. People look at the reviews to help them choose which movie or video to watch.
For authors, reviews give them feedback on how the readers feel about their book. The author can then use this to improve his writing. If the reviews are good, especially coming from someone not in the immediate circle of friends and family, reviews validate the author’s writing. Reviews also drive sales. Most avid readers don’t take…

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