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City Book Review

Tamara Walsh is a wife, mother, and physician. In general, she is a perfectly ordinary woman. However, she finds herself in an extraordinary situation when she falls through a wormhole and lands on another planet, a place populated by aliens with unfamiliar biology and even stranger customs. Though she yearns to be back home, there is little chance of her being able to return without another wormhole. So until one appears, she will have no choice but to wait and do her best to acclimate to her new home. Luckily, she finds a close friend in Maashi, the alien who first found her and devoted himself to taking care of her. Somewhat less luckily, her feelings for Maashi soon grow complicated, evolving into an attraction even she cannot understand.

Overall, I Am Sheffrou is a fascinating book and an impressive debut for the author. It reminds me of the classic science fiction stories I read when I was much younger, when explanation was far less necessary than exploration…I enjoyed the book a great deal and am excited to see where the trilogy goes next (keep an eye out for book two, Betrayal).

On the whole, I enjoyed how the story was so different from what I’ve come to expect from science fiction. I said before that it’s heavier on exploration than explanation, and exploration takes up the vast majority of the book. Most of it is also devoted to Tamara learning about the Chamis’ culture, and if you enjoy thought experiments of that nature, I Am Sheffrou is not one to miss. Reviewed by Jo Niederhoff

Athena on Amazon

Different and engaging. If you’re looking for something just a little bit outside the realm of an ordinary space romance, look no further. You found it.

The concept of the story is pretty unique, and therefore refreshing; the characters are largely intriguing and definitely memorable; and the world planning, the detail and naming, are nicely in-depth.

Overall, this is a pretty solid story from a new author and I look forward to reading her future books.

Crispycreme on Amazon

Great read! This book will draw you in! Can’t wait for the next book in the series to find out what happens next!

K. Hugues on Amazon

Easy read, quick flowing. This book is in a world of its own. I couldn’t put it down because I enjoyed it so much. It was a great diversion during the pandemic of 2020. Looking forward to reading book 2.

Amazon customer

What’s next? Such a fun and engaging book. I can’t wait to read the next two.

John Shenouda on Goodreads

Excellent book, well written, very entertaining. Cami Michaels takes the reader to her imaginary world where he surfs and enjoys the adventures of Tamara. I have never read an alien’s novel before and I am happy that my first one, I am Sheffrou, is a beautiful introduction to this niche. I encourage you to read this masterpiece and look forward to the rest of the trilogy, Congrats Cami Michaels.

Trilby Plants on Goodreads

For those who enjoy sci-fi/fantasy, this is a good read. I enjoyed this story. The author has built an interesting world and introduced me to interesting characters: aliens that resemble humans.

Tamara is a believable protagonist who falls into a wormhole and lands on another world. She is rescued by aliens. Although she hopes to find her way home, she must make the best of her current situation. Falling for an alien is a well used theme, but the author handles it well and in a believable way. Maashi is handsome and adept at the art of seduction, and Tamara is seduced.

Just when I thought things were going to be okay, along comes a sinister enemy that threatens all of the alien society.

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